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Product group : Opto-electronics
Product Sub-group : Opto-electronics Components
Avago launches 10 Gb/s Ethernet SFP+ optical transceivers
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Avago Technologies has announced the availability of 10 Gb/s Ethernet SFP+ SR (short reach) optical transceiver. Shipping in production volumes, Avago's 850 nm VCSEL-based 10 Gb/s AFBR-700SDZ SFP+ (small form-factor pluggable) transceiver with digital monitoring interface (DMI) brings speed and high-port density to next-generation networking equipment. At the core of Avago's 10 Gb SFP+ transceiver is its own 850 nm VCSELs. These VCSELs leverage technology from Avago's 4G VCSEL design. The AFBR-700SDZ also uses multimode fiber which enables the SFP+ transceiver to extend coverage up to 300 meters.

Avago's new optical transceiver supports the SFF-8431 specification for enhanced 10 Gb SFP+ and the SFF-8472 specification for DMI in optical transceivers. The ROHS 6 (restrictions of hazardous substances) compliant, lead-free AFBR-700SDZ delivers real-time temperature, supply voltage, laser bias current, laser average output power and received input power information through a two-wire interface. The digital diagnostic interface also adds the ability to disable the transmitter, monitor for transmitter faults and monitor for receiver loss of signal. Avago's AFBR-700SDZ is available now.

Avago Technologies
Herrenberger Straße 130
71034 Böblingen - Germany
tel: +49 6441 92 46 0
fax: +49 6441 92 46 4

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Oct. 2008
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