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Programmable Keyboard
features fingerprint reader
Reference: 32419
Access has unveiled a family of AKC programmable keyboards with integral DigitalPersona "U.are.U" fingerprint readers that recognise even the most difficult fingerprints regardless of placement angle. There are 84 standard keyboards with between 42 and 127 keys. All except the 80-key version are available with optional magnetic stripe readers and touchpads are an option on many models. Biometric fingerprint readers are a boost to system security. Users place their finger on the red illuminated window to activate the reader. On-board electronics encrypt the 512 dpi resolution scanned image before sending it through the USB interface. Built-in intelligence rejects counterfeit images.

Access IS (Ex Access Keyboards Ltd)
18 Suttons Business Park
RG16 1AZ Reading - United Kingdom
tel: +44 118 966 3333
fax: +44 118 926 7281

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Oct. 2008
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