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Aluminium Heat Sink Body
enhances radiation cooling via black paint finish
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Reference: 33459

Aavid Thermalloy's Slalom heat sink is suitable for SMT power semiconductor devices in D2PAK packages. It is compatible with the current D2PAK solder mask opening and uses solderable "skis" staked to an aluminium body. The heat sink, together with the device to be cooled, is soldered directly to a modified drain pad creating a thermal transfer path from the device to the heat sink. The heat is removed indirectly without any contact between the heat sink and the device, as is the case with traditional through-hole heat sinks. The aluminium heat sink body has a black painted finish that provides improved radiation cooling over standard tin plated copper SMT heat sinks.


Hall B5.129

Aavid Thermalloy
80 Commercial Street
3301 Concord - USA -New Hampshire
tel: +1-(603)2231760
fax: +1-(603)2231736

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March 2009
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