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Product group : Software
Spark Language And Toolset
with enhanced capabilities
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Praxis and AdaCore have announced the formation of a long-term partnership with the intent of enhancing the capabilities of the Spark language and toolset. This announcement follows the recent release to the open-source community of the Tokeneer project by the US National Security Agency (NSA). This project was developed by Praxis for the NSA using Correctness-by-Construction methodology, the Spark Ada language and toolset and the GNAT Pro Ada development environment from AdaCore. Praxis' Correctness-by-Construction methodology helps yield higher productivity, lower defect rates and lower support costs for high assurance software. The methodology is based on a number of principles, such as the expectation that requirements will change, elimination of errors before testing, incremental development, and writing software that is easy to verify.


104 Fifth Avenue, 15th floor
95014 New York - USA -New York
tel: +1 212 620 7300
fax: +1 212 807 0162

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Oct. 2012