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Product group : Board Level Products
Product Sub-group : Data acquisition/ data logging
Data Translation introduces a multifunction data acquisition board
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Reference: 34927
Data Translation has introduced a board-only version of its DT9812-10V USB data acquisition module. Designed particularly for OEMs, this product allows expanding custom solutions by advanced measurement functionality. A comprehensive software package makes the module easy to integrate. The DT9812-10V provides eight analogue inputs, two analogue outputs and 16 digital I/O lines. The device runs completely on USB power.

The data acquisition board offers a 12-bit resolution for both the analogue inputs and outputs, which feature a signal range from -10V to +10V. In addition to the analogue and digital I/O lines, the board has a 32-bit counter/timer that can be used for frequency measurements or pulse generation. All I/O subsystems can be operated independently at sampling rates of up to 50kHz. The signals are attached through two 20-pin connectors and ribbon cables.

The DT9812-10V ships with a free software package for quick and easy integration. Besides drivers for .NET, Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual C++ or Visual J#, the package includes an ActiveX component, virtual instruments for LabView and a DT-Open Layers driver.

The software package is complemented by an evaluation version of DT measure foundry, which is an open test and measurement software solution for all standard instrument and bus interfaces. This program allows creating test and measurement applications by simple drag and drop and without writing code. Besides the LXI and PXI/VXI hardware interfaces, the software also supports the GPIB, USB, PCI and RS232 interfaces, and VISA, SCPI and IVI-COM driver standards.

Data Translation GmbH

Im Weilerlen 10
74321 Bietigheim-Bissingen - Germany -
tel: +49-(07142)95310
fax: +49-(07142)953113

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Oct. 2012